Will Writing Service

Thursday, April 3, 2008

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Our Will Writing Service offers:

  • Door-to-door consultation
  • Structured and systematic approach
  • Affordable fees starting from S$200.
Our Standard Will (S$200) includes the following provisions:
  1. Personal particulars of testator;
  2. Revocation clause;
  3. Appointment of executor/trustee/guardian and substitute;
  4. Naming of beneficiaries and substitute;
  5. Distribution of assets by percentage;
  6. Residuary Clause;
  7. Commorientes Clause;
  8. Registration with Wills Registry
Additional clause: $50 per clause.

Information required for preparing a Standard Will:
  • Testator's name, NRIC number, date of birth, address, religion, contact numbers
  • Executor/trustee/guardian's name(s), NRIC number(s), addresses
  • Relationship to testator
  • Beneficiary's name(s), NRIC number(s), relationship to testator, percentage of share of estate
We also provide Safe Keeping Service for the wills at CISCO Recall.

Contact us now to make an appointment with our Will Planner!